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Brand Development

A powerful and authentic brand is vital to creating a meaningful and lasting relationship with your customers. But a brand is far more than just a logo. Just like you don’t begin designing a building or house by putting up the curtains — you must first start by designing the  foundation. Building a strong brand begins the very same way.

Strong  brands are made up of your brand story, voice, tenets and experiences. When this belief system is actively engaged you turn customers into believers. That’s the power of a fully realized brand.

Fusionfarm believes it’s important that you, the business owner, are the first believer in your brand so that you can act upon it, live it and be it. Consequently, we work collaboratively with our clients so that they are an integral part of the brand discovery process. This leads to a profound commitment to living the brand belief system by the business owner.

In tandem with market research your Fusionfarm brand development and creative team enlists three distinct steps to building your brand:

Listen and Learn

Listen and Learn:

We want to reach an intuitive understanding of, you, our client, your business and your goals. This is done through a client interview process where your Fusionfarm team sits down with you in one or several face-to-face organic discussions. In tandem with market research, your Fusionfarm team will also research market composition and your competition to uncover brand and creative trends within your industry. Your Fusionfarm team will also develop two key fundamental components of your brand’s belief system:

Voice Discovery

Voice Discovery session: we will conduct the Fusionfarm Voice Discovery with you to uncover and discover your brand’s voice – crucial revelations and values will emerge from this session.

Branding With Voice Discovery

Buyer persona development (B2B/B2C): We will conduct buyer persona creation sessions with you to reach an intuitive understanding of your customers. The buyer personas help immeasurably in developing messaging that speaks to your customers in a way that is relevant to them.

Buyer Persona

Develop and Express

Once we have gathered the empirical market research data and have merged it with the intuitive discoveries your Fusionfarm team will develop your brand strategy and its creative expression. We will develop your brand’s positioning via its brand guide that includes the brand story, voice definition, brand tenets and brand experience. Your brand guide will be the determinative document that all communications will express fluently. It will direct your logo and identity, campaign strategies and concepts as well as your media buy.

 Marketing Research Data

Deliver and Measure

Once the brand strategy, creative and campaign recommendations are approved, your Fusionfarm team begins production. We will execute the creative, implement the media buy, test and analyze brand and campaign messaging and manage and evolve your campaign. A brand lives an organic and fluid life and evolution of its expression is necessary to meet the changing needs and perceptions of your customers.

The Results

Focused creative, consistency and familiarity shapes opinion. The brand strategy and creative marketing messaging detailed above ensures that a consistent brand voice and message is expressed to your customers in a way that is relevant and makes sense to them and, ultimately, moves them to experience your products and services. Turning your customers into believers.


Building a successful business requires the right partner in so many areas. We would love to talk to you about developing a customized marketing strategy to fulfill your business goals. Call or email today for more information about what Fusionfarm can do for you.