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CBJ Award - Best Web Developer

Best Website/App Developer?

Ahem. You know, even though we’re an award-winning creative, marketing and advertising agency, winning this is extra warm and fuzzy. Because it was voted by all of you. At least most of you. So yeah, thanks for making us smile.

2017 Best Of List, Corridor Business Journal

So watch.

Flex! Whole-Brain

Fusionfarm wants to save your brand from social isolation and an unhealthy dependence on your mother’s companionship. Let’s conquer the cool table with a creative positioning and marketing strategy from the steamy backseat of a ‘71 Chevy Chevelle. Isn’t your brand as important as being popular in high school? You’re right, it’s more important.

It’s prom night butterflies. It’s adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. It’s Brand Love.

We’re strategists and creatives, marketers and alchemists driven by an insomnia-inducing pursuit for invention. We forge love between brand and customer, and we love the forging too.

(You take names)

We built a social media campaign for the Cedar Rapids Kernels that delivered their highest attended days of the season. Oh yeah, we won an Emmy for the video too. Score.

  • kernels_icon_video
  • 22,800 video views
  • kernels_icon_likes
  • 400+ likes, shares, comments
  • kernels_icon_people
  • 24,000 people reached


Love, it’s a lot to ask.
But if a company or product wants to be wanted, it has to be more than brick and mortar, or efficient packaging. It has to be a brand. Only a brand can flirt on a chemical level, stirring pheromones and forging loyalty. That’s customer epiphany. That’s a crush.

Fusionfarm extracts the emotional essence of a brand, so that synapses snap, crackle and cement the customer-brand relationship. Then, through a cleverly-crafted brand universe with stimulating messaging, that relationship blossoms into something everlasting.

Brand Love. Because three little words is one too many.

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