Fusionfarm is a full-service creative, marketing and advertising agency. Award-winning, too.

Okay, here’s our list of capabilities:

BrainWorks. Brand Audit. Brand Architecture. Web Design. Web Development. Comprehensive Online Strategy. Search Marketing. Targeted Display. Email. Content. Paid Video Campaigns. Social Media Marketing. Inbound Marketing. SEO. Pay-Per-Click. Public Relations. Promotions. Media Planning & Buying. Mergers & Acquisitions Communication. Print. Film.


You’re probably looking at that list like the fifteen different forks you get at a fancy restaurant. No worries. Services don’t make us different and services won’t make you different, either.

Ideas. Strategies. Transformation. That’s how we make brands work.

Fusionfarm thinks big in our Midwestern digs. We’re located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but that doesn’t mean we’re all flannel-clad countryfolk eating fried something-or-other at the state fair. Nah, we’re a hive of weirdos that’ll make your brand buzz.

Hungry? We grow bacon. Let’s break some eggs and make a mess.


Folience is a 100% ESOP-owned holding company that invests in profitable businesses with strong management continuity.

Kelly Homewood


Michael Zydzik

Creative Director

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