A Digital Marketing & Creative Agency
Alicia Anderson
Social Media Manager
Linley Cavin
Account Executive
Aaron Frerichs
Director of Digital Development
Amanda Rushton
Account Manager
Chris Diamond
Web Designer
Pam Wyman
Web Designer
Gregg Hopkins
Jessica Flatgard
Product Manager
Shaina Boylan
Account Manager
Stacey McGurk
Product Manager Social Manager
Stephanie Harris
Financial Analyst
Pranav Shrestha
Project Manager
Michael Zydzik
Creative Director
Sarah Flynn
Ad Operations
Chris Edwards
President - Agency, Digital and Research Services
Liz Kennedy
Project Manager
Jessica Tomash
Director Digital and Marketplace Products
Regina Gilloon-Meyer
Content Marketing Specialist
Jake Vardaman
Art Director
Eric Caldwell
Web Applications Developer
Margaret Singh
Graphic Designer
Ethan Fry
Web Applications Developer
Josh Hlibichuk
Web Applications Developer
Sean Davis
Web Applications Developer

About Fusionfarm

Fusionfarm is a full-service advertising agency with a digital focus and a global awareness and point of view. We offer an entire suite of marketing and creative services, executing those services in-house.

Our goal is to not just influence but to inspire customers to engage with our clients’ brands and embark on long-term, mutually beneficial brand relationships.

We partner with our clients so that our journey to remarkable results is a shared one as collaboration is core to the Fusionfarm culture and our success.