It’s in the Curry

By far, our industry’s biggest asset is Perspective. Perspectives are like wonderful, lovely and unique curries. Spicy, sweet, tangy and creamy you can eat curry every day for dinner for a month and have a different experience each and every time. And who doesn’t love curry?

Without perspectives, lifeless, flavorless banality quickly sinks in. Banality = bad advertising and marketing.

Take Fusionfarm. Yep, we have team members born and raised in good ole Iowa. And we also have team members who have lived and worked all over this country in some of the biggest markets and having worked with some of the planet’s largest brands. One team member came from the agency scene in NYC, heck, we even have this one guy on board who found his way to Fusionfarm all the way from Nepal.

All of those experiences and cultural contrasts mixed with our collective career expertise makes for one helluva pot of delicious agency curry. It can be at once sweet or creamy or have a spicy kick that sneaks up on you.

Our client list is diversified by design as well. From local to regional to national, they add nuance to our curry by being inspiration points for the other. That’s how we avoid a one-way ticket to Cookie-Cutterville, which, by the way, is the top destination where tired marketing and advertising campaigns go to live. Or, die. Cookie-Cutterville has terrible curry. Truth. Look it up. It’s in Forbes.

But we believe that great taste should also be good for you too. We want our clients to live a long prosperous life after all. So, yes, we deliver on flavor, but we make sure that our curry does our clients’ brands good, building them stronger and fitter for the long haul. Our strategists, maybe we should be called chefs since I’m riffin’ on a theme here, understand that our commitment lies with something bigger than what most agencies consider. We make sure that everything we do, from efforts that are broader with longer development timelines like branding and campaign strategies to shorter term, more tactical endeavors support a brand’s position and feed a brand’s mythology. We call that BrandLove.

As a full-service agency, Fusionfarm’s BrandLove is the connective tissue that binds all strategies, methods, creative and channels into one cohesive ecosystem that delivers exponential results. It’s the Garam Masala in our curry. It’s that recipe that took us from being barely a blip on the map almost 6 years ago to sweeping 2nd place in agency categories this year and we’re dang excited about it.