Winning Things

Wow, seven years later and here we are! Hard work, dedication and some serious moxie really does pay off, ya know? It’s truly an honor to be recognized for the work we put our whole-hearts into day-in and day-out. And we’re totally giddy that the public has noticed.

At Fusionfarm we’re not interested in just staying within an “academic container.” We’re not textbook – dry, cookie-cutter and pedantic. We’re notebook – coloring outside the lines, authentic and filled with inspiration. Oh, we understand the academics, we just prefer to challenge the baseline with strategies that don’t restrict possibilities.

Positioning is the true key to success in marketing and advertising – owning an emotional space in the marketplace. It’s how a brand wins. Everything we do at Fusionfarm has the explicit intent to build, manage and continue to strengthen a brand’s position – no matter how big or small the project may seem.

We’re a team that digs into psychology and sociology. It’s our jobs to study how humans act and interact with pop-culture, technology, media and politics and other influencers on the human experience. Why? Because those humans happen to be our clients’ customers.

It isn’t frivolous when we debate the viability of advertising within the VR space or examine the nuances of Lizzo’s latest drop. Advertising is more than just curating, contemplating or following pop culture. Advertising is pop culture. And when you move culture, you move customers. To do that you must challenge. Challenge is a catalyst – it causes action. With a brand’s positioning as a guiding principal, we challenge customer segments with something new and inspired creating a collective community epiphany and igniting brand engagement.

Challenge is also alive and well within the walls of Fusionfarm. We are 14 strong personalities with talent, experience and conviction. We have things to say and we don’t let each other off the hook easily. But we have infinite respect and fondness for one another – we don’t sweat nothin’ – we all know we got each other’s backs.

Speaking of having someone’s back, that goes for our clients, too. We love our clients, but let’s be real, doesn’t every agency say that? What we really believe in is forging healthy relationships with our clients. We aren’t enablers – we challenge our clients, and our clients challenge us back. In return, our relationships are better and truer for it. It’s how we push past banality in order to create some serious ROI. This doesn’t mean we just go for shock value. The risks we take are always strategic — you just get better ideas and better results when you turn things “upside down.”

So… If you want an agency that will look that horrifying Demogorgon commonly referred to as banality dead in its humanoid face and say, “BYEEEEEE!” Give us a call. Maybe this time next year we’ll sweep these awards again. Stranger Things have happened.

Winning Things - Fusionfarm Team