Purple Power

CASE STUDY // Alburnett Community School District

Community school districts aren’t businesses with marketing departments or products to push. They’re sacred bastions of enlightenment and embarrassing moments. But government funding does mean that students have a dollar value. So, how do you build a positioning campaign for a school district? Sell a school district?

Well, we did.

Alburnett Community School District - Case Study Introduction - Fusionfarm

Client + Agency

Alburnett School District + Fusionfarm

Fusionfarm Role

Branding, Brand Platform, Logo Design, Video, Website


Print, Digital, Web

The Ask

Alburnett Community School District wanted to attract new students and teachers, and inspire pride in the families who already called it home.

Alburnett Community School District - Brand Platform - Fusionfarm Case Study
Alburnett Community School District - Logo Design - Fusionfarm Case Study
The Answer

We worked with district leadership, teachers, students and parents to build Alburnett’s new belief system. Then, together, we infused that identity throughout the community.

At Alburnett, purple is more than a color. It’s identity, the pulse that beats throughout the community. Our campaign – Purple on Purpose – defined Alburnett’s particular hue of purple and made it an unapologetic statement of positioning.

Campaign work included video, website and supportive branding assets. Yes, we achieved Alburnett’s goal of 10 more open enrollees per year … and, oh yeah, we actually delivered 42 open enrollees in the first 6 months of the campaign.

$3.5M potential revenue delivered in the first 6 months of campaign
4X campaign goal

Alburnett Community School District - Brochure Design - Fusionfarm Case Study


Purple on Purpose is more than a campaign. It’s a rallying cry that makes every day Homecoming.

Let's Break The Rules Drive Somewhere Smile On Monday Stay Up Late Build Together.