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CASE STUDY // Alliant Energy

Bert and? Bert and? Bert and? Ernie, duh. You can’t have Bert without Ernie. The introvert needs the extrovert. The sweater with vertical stripes needs the sweater with horizontal stripes. The community needs the compassionate energy partner. Well, actually, hold onto that one for a second.

There’s a particularly touching episode of Sesame Street where Ernie has bread for lunch and Bert has peanut butter. Alone, neither option is appetizing. But then, epiphany. Bert and Ernie join forces to enjoy yummy sandwiches instead.

Client + Agency

Alliant Energy + Fusionfarm

Fusionfarm Role

Animated Video


Broadcast, Digital, Social Media

The Ask

Alliant Energy was proposing a similarly powerful partnership. Except, instead of peanut butter, Alliant Energy was offering easy rebates on energy-saving appliances to consumers.

The Answer

Alliant Energy is a $9 billion company, but this campaign went way beyond the bottom line. Our old friends wanted to help people embrace energy efficiencies and kick emissions to the curb. You know, keep the community green and save some, too. So, we shouted their money-saving message from the (still snow-capped) mountain tops.

We brought Alliant Energy’s bright ideas to life with 3D animation. Our papercraft world waved goodbye to wheezing furnaces and sickly air conditioners as the little things made big differences. It was an affable experience that nonetheless left an impression. Join forces, save money and stay cozy. Become a dynamic duo. Today.

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