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CASE STUDY // Brazen

Remember when people worried about microwaves melting our brains? Whenever something revolutionary arrives, it seems like fear is the default response. But without microwaves, there wouldn’t be Hot Pockets and, without Hot Pockets, there wouldn’t be a reason to live.

This was the problem facing Brazen, a tech company in Washington D.C. with a similarly revolutionary product that cut the recruitment process down to a matter of minutes using mobile chat as their core value proposition.

Client + Agency

Brazen + Fusionfarm

Fusionfarm Role

Website, Video



The Ask

Brazen needed to break through those melted brains and differentiate from perceived competition, so we positioned the brand beyond an alternative to convention.

Fusionfarm Website Case Study - Brazen
The Answer

Brazen is new and exciting, but also easy to use. Our core narrative – Refreshingly Fun. Remarkably Effective. – captured that burst of energy and valuable convenience to position Brazen as the one-and-only solution. needed to reflect that dynamic experience. We designed the new website as an enjoyable journey to immerse visitors in the brand. Then, we brought clarity to messaging with a visual vocabulary that looks like a colorful conversation.

For video, we entered the headspace of the user to demonstrate the simplicity and adrenaline of the experience. It’s clean and personal with none of the sales speak, but still shows the product in action and explains features through internal dialogue.

  • Bounce rate on the main site is down almost 10%
  • Pages per session are up 6%
  • Sessions per user is up 6%
  • Over 850 video views in the website – over 50% viewed all the way through

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