Bucket Listing

CASE STUDY // Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust

The “experts” – aka mom and dad – told you not to waste your allowance on the Darth Vader action figure with the double-telescoping lightsaber. But you did. And now it’s worth $7,000. Smart.

Being smart and all, you’ve since spent your adulthood not just saving for a rainy day, but actually making it rain. A lot. After a lifetime of hustle that’s paid off big, it’s time for you to sit back and let your money work for you for a change. Even Smarter.

Intro graphic for CRBT case study: collateral, landing page and ad

Client + Agency

Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust + Fusionfarm

Fusionfarm Role

Design, Branding


Print, Digital, Responsive Web

The Ask

The Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust (CRBT) Wealth Management team counted on us to raise their awareness with life hustlers who find themselves in the middle of a windfall, expected or otherwise.

The Answer

The CRBT Wealth Management team helped make Hollywood possible. To translate that victorious feeling into a full-fledged campaign, we developed a core narrative – Bucket List. Then, we leveraged the lyrical headline Influence your Affluence and a visual language based on summer blockbusters to transform the CRBT Wealth Management team into your trusty sidekick for any Bucket List adventure.

It was a dynamic call to action: Scuba dive across the Maldives. Put your grandkids through college. Nab some ancient artifacts with Indiana Jones. Because now, you can.

collateral for CRBT case study


Look at that beautiful beach. Thanks to Influence Your Affluence, those folks didn’t have to rob a bank and assume a new identity to get there, either.

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