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CDL Jobs

Gaining Mileage in the Trucking Industry

CDLJobs.com is a fish in the very large pond of online job boards that focus on recruiting drivers for the trucking industry.

Kicking the Tires

This particular industry has an extremely high turnover rate, therefore companies tend to spread their driver recruitment efforts over as many sites as possible. CDLJobs.com wants to be the quality recruitment site where companies can turn to focus their recruitment efforts and change their strategy.

Hitting the Road

We immersed ourselves in deep market research and discovered truckers and hiring companies are very different audiences who respond to different messages. We recommended speaking to each audience in their own voice, via two different videos.

For the recruitment spot we channeled our inner truckers and realized that pride in a job well done is something that greatly resonates with this demographic. We crafted an emotional and compelling video with a core message expressing CDL Jobs’ deep understanding of drivers that would inspire engagement with their brand.

Profoundly meaningful to its target audience, this video turns a few very small moments into a sweeping epic: a driver walking to his truck, starting the engine and driving away. It seems like an inconsequential flash of time to most, but to drivers it is that of an athlete mentally preparing for the field.

This connection imprints that CDL Jobs.com is empathetic to what drivers do and are, and creates strong brand recall for CDL Jobs.com.

King of the Road

Hiring an actor who also was perfect for the voice over on the video, we filmed the video in the early morning sunrise to add grit and character to the shoot that matches the grit and character of the voiceover. Add some music with tonality that builds to the end, and we captured an authentic, hard-working moment truck drivers can honestly relate to.