Plato. Aristotle. Hydro.

CASE STUDY // City of Cedar Rapids

It’s Wednesday and all those questions about Uranus finally shattered Mr. Woodson’s emotional well-being, which means one thing: Movie Day! But let’s be honest, watching Interstellar didn’t teach you anything about black holes.

So, when we used the power of Movie Day! to solve the education conundrum facing the City of Cedar Rapids, we made sure our students learned a thing or two.

Fusionfarm Case Study - City of Cedar Rapids - Hydro

Client + Agency

City of Cedar Rapids + Fusionfarm

Fusionfarm Role

3D Animation



The Ask

Residents kept calling and calling and calling with questions about water management, so the City of Cedar Rapids called Fusionfarm to animate the answers. Once and for all.

Fusionfarm Case Study - City of Cedar Rapids - Hydro
The Answer

Rolling in the creaky TV cart wasn’t an option. Instead, we created Hydro, the professorial raindrop with the charisma and know-how to deliver complex messages about civic duty and legal responsibility.

Crafting Hydro and his illustrious lessons took more than a couple of grey clouds. Each of the five shorts is a combination of 2D and 3D animation that required a ton of tricky character animation techniques. Because the soulless gaze of someone who’s dead inside isn’t too inspiring for students. (Sorry, Mr. Woodson.)


Hydro dropped some knowledge, saved the sewer system and received an Emmy nomination, too.

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