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Corridor Careers.com

Recruitment White Label

CorridorCareers.com is competing with top job websites like Monster and Indeed and needed:

  • Fully responsive site that provides a great user experience across all device types
  • Diverse sales offering for recruiters to best meet their needs
  • A network partner for job posting distribution

Corridor Careers was also looking for support with contract negotiations with the network partner, sales collateral, creating a content marketing blog and ingesting a feed from their source ad system.

Services Involved

Small Fish, Big Pond

CorridorCareers.com focuses on connecting employers and job seekers in Eastern Iowa but has to compete with national job sites like Monster and Indeed.

Easy & Efficient

The Recruitment White Label offers a fully responsive website that’s easy to use but also offers well defined job categories that job seekers need.  It also gave the sales team a diverse set of options for their clients including Featured Jobs, Featured Employers, and Priority Job placement to increase exposure.

Leading Job Site in Area

CorridorCareers.com is now the most visited job site in the area ahead of large national job sites.  With over 6,500 jobs posted annually the site sees over 5,000 visits to the site each week.