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Arctic Insulation

Arctic Insulation Heats Up with Responsive Design and SEO

Arctic Insulation is a home remodel and commercial building business offering a large variety of services for over 25 years. They first approached us wanting to increase their visibility by SEO in the search engine results page. Their aging website was not keeping up with an evolving internet and ability to show well on mobile. We eventually redesigned the site building, then continued with premium SEO tactics, in order to equip the website for a better user experience.

Services Involved

Reading the Thermostat

While they offered a variety of professional building services, customers may not have known it from the look of their website. The text was difficult to read and services were not well defined. There weren’t many photos to illustrate the work and the site wasn’t interactive. While they weren’t ready for a complete site redesign at this point, they knew they needed to deliver a more compelling user experience.

Warming up the Room

We began by increasing the existing website’s visibility with search engines. SEO included optimization of the site structure and content. We created optimized blog posts and fresh content to increase social sharing and mentions and expanded directory citations. Those changes made the existing website more user-friendly, but eventually they realized they needed a complete website overhaul that would incorporate responsive design for a more fulfilling user experience on mobile devices. Calls to action encouraged customers to call for services, which can be done directly while viewing the site on mobile devices.

The Heat is on!

Premium SEO tactics woven throughout the new website resulted in an immediate increase in traffic. They needed to recruit more staff for all the new business they were receiving. From there we added a brief targeted display campaign that promoted service lines and drove interested users to the website.