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Ketelson RV

Increased RV Sales with the Right Digital Marketing Mix

Ketelsen RV is an established, regional RV dealership with over 50 years in the business, and they have recently changed with the times by attracting potential clients through the right digital marketing mix of social media, targeted display ads and content marketing.

In recent years, online and local competition has increased, slowing their online and store traffic, particularly during the off-season. With this new reality on the ground, Ketelsen RV came to us to help formulate a strategy to increase their brand awareness and sales throughout the year, both online and offline.

The Road Warrior Challenge

A review of Ketelsen RV’s current marketing strategy revealed a heavy emphasis on traditional media – print, broadcast and other forms of mass media. While this formula had served them well for many years, the new generation of RV buyers relies heavily on the internet for information and research. Fusionfarm recommended that Ketelsen RV add more digital marketing tactics to their marketing strategy to reach the next generation of RV buyers where they live – online.

RV There Yet?

Fusionfarm proposed a mix of traditional and digital marketing tactics to help Ketelsen RV reach their target audience more effectively.

Content marketing, primarily regular blogging, was suggested to display Ketelsen RV’s expertise in the RV field and to establish their website as a resource for the RV buyer. We proposed a robust social media marketing program to build and support a loyal following online as well as a targeted display advertising campaign with customized creative ad design.

The initial goal of the campaign was to reach the internet users in Ketelsen RV’s target market with interest in the RV lifestyle who would be likely to attend their annual winter Open Houses, one of their largest marketing events of the year. In addition to our digital efforts, we also produced television commercials to help keep Ketelsen RV’s brand top-of-mind throughout the region.

Rolling in Results

Ketelsen RV reported that within 4 weeks this integrated marketing strategy helped them increase their sales by 20% over the previous year. This was despite the fact that weather problems cancelled the distribution of the direct mail invitation they traditionally relied on to promote these important events. Ketelsen RV attributed much of the increase in sales directly to the success of their Open Houses and their new integrated digital marketing strategy.