Downtown Cedar Rapids Sucks

CASE STUDY // Cedar Rapids Economic Alliance

Downtown has been in a relational and reputational rut with its residents. The spark has died. It’s become your husband who cracks open a beer and plops in front of the TV, comatose for hours. “Hey, you know what? You suck. I’m done.”

Only it wasn’t the truth. This was the problem faced by the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and it was our job to make people wake up and smell the crunch berries.

Our commitment? Stir. The. Pot.

Fusionfarm Case Study | Cedar Rapids Economic Alliance

Client + Agency

Cedar Rapids Economic Alliance + Fusionfarm

Fusionfarm Role

Video, Social Media Strategy


Social Media

The Ask

The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance needed our help in adjusting this negative misperception and shine a light on a modern, vibrant downtown , wrangling some new millennial humans to live, work and thrive in the downtown area.

The Answer

Light a proverbial fire right under their selfie takin’, Sriracha lovin’, asses.

Our core messaging strategy was to own a phrase that already exists in the social media ether: Downtown Cedar Rapids sucks. Oh, you think we suck? Fine. We’ll show you.

We built a loud, in your face and, strategically, polarizing, social media video campaign. Did we mention irony? Us Millennials eat that shit up.

The campaign is infinitely buzzworthy and successful, while pissing a few people off.

Sorry, not sorry.

The Result:

  • 544,128 impressions
  • 308,486 video views
  • 168,659 people reached
  • 309,506 post engagement

In the news:

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