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Englert Theatre

All the World’s a Stage with Digital Marketing

The Englert Theatre, Iowa City’s non-profit community arts center and performance venue, relies on local theatre patrons and devoted supporters to fill seats and fund its mission. Looking for the bright lights of a stunning new website to facilitate ticket sales and promote shows, they came to us for a comprehensive digital marketing solution that included a new website and targeted display ads.

The Show Must Go On

Englert’s original website was a flat, HTML site that was difficult to update and included limited functionality. The existing design of the website didn’t speak to the progressive, modern audience the theatre was courting. In addition, they suspected their marketing wasn’t always reaching their target audience. Most importantly, for smart phone-wielding customers accustomed to researching their entertainment options on the go and purchasing tickets online, the mobile experience was sadly lacking, frustrating users and costing ticket sales.

The Importance of Being Mobile

Improving the website design and mobile experience was the focus of the Englert’s website redesign. First, we created a sleek visual experience to match the young, vibrant community the theatre serves. We improved user experience for facility rental visitors by including multiple contact forms for each available venue, and vastly improved their e-commerce solution for ticket purchases. To make managing this website easier, we developed the site on a WordPress platform so the marketing team could easily make their own website updates. Finally, we implemented a targeted ad campaign to promote the theatre’s brand and lineup of shows.

Bringing Down the House

Since the launch of the new website and targeted marketing campaign, the Englert Theatre has experienced tremendous results. User engagement improved, with visitors spending an additional thirty seconds on each visit to the site and viewing an average of five pages. The website’s bounce rate dropped from 49% to under 15% for both desktop and mobile. There was also a significant increase in branded searches attributed primarily to the targeted display campaign, and they saw a major bump in website traffic and ticket sales. Bravo!