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Website Estimate Feature

Sparkling Clean

Sparkling Clean didn’t just want a website, they wanted a way for visitors to estimate their rates easily.  Fusionfarm created a calculator add-on to the base Big Fish theme to meet their needs, affordably.

Services Involved

Responding to Mobile Visitors

Sparkling Clean wanted to be sure mobile visitors would quickly find the information they were looking for, so they wouldn’t look elsewhere.  A beautiful, unified theme using Fusionfarm’s Big Fish theme offered a solution.

Qualified Leads

Since launch, Sparkling Clean has seen a rise in qualified leads interested in their services.  The transparency for the visitor makes it easy for visitors to decide if they are ready to employ Sparkling Clean.

Building off of a Template

Big Fish is flexible and hardy. That’s why we feel it is a great choice for any small business owner looking for a responsive web presence.