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Family SmileCare Center

Lack of SEO on Website Equals No Results

Family SmileCare Center is a full-service family dental clinic that offers a variety of cosmetic dental services for people of all ages.

Services Involved

Why They Weren’t Smiling

Family SmileCare Center came to us with a website and their own designer; but not consistent visibility on the search engines results page (SERPs). They also needed to standardize the address of the business across the online directories and Google maps.

We Polished Their Marketing

Working with their web designer, our SEO team determined ways the site could be optimized, identifying specific SEO keywords that would drive traffic with a hyper-focus on local maps and expanding directories and citations. We also set up SEM campaigns using the latest Google AdWords features showing their address, phone number and key services, giving their ads a bigger footprint.

Say Cheese!

They now find themselves on page one every time someone in the area searches for a local dentist. They enjoy their newfound consistent visibility and tell everyone that either their organic ad or paid ad is showing every time someone searches. In a 12-month period they more than doubled their web presence and their active citations exploded from just over 100 per month to well over 200 per month.

Dr. Renee Maikon said, “The people who work for Fusionfarm are very professional and knowledgeable about SEO – getting your business on the front page. They know what Google, Bing and Yahoo look for and devise a campaign to get you to the top. I receive a monthly report and plans for next month. I am very satisfied with the work Fusionfarm has provided me and look forward to working with more in other areas of advertising.”