Grandma’s Secret ESOP Recipe

CASE STUDY // Folience

Everything tastes better from scratch. It’s the difference between Grandma Ruth pinching pie crust for Thanksgiving dinner and some high school kid opening a can of frozen cherries for $7.25/hour.

Now, Grandma Ruth didn’t dabble in branding and we don’t usually get to work from scratch. But when Folience first came to Fusionfarm, the brand new holding company wasn’t even named Folience. So, we grabbed the remote, turned the channel to General Hospital, maxed out the volume and started cooking.

Fusionfarm Case Study - Folience

Client + Agency

Folience + Fusionfarm

Fusionfarm Role

Branding, Brand Identity, Website


Print, Digital, Responsive Web

The Ask

Folience brought the essential ingredients to the table – the people were smart as hell, the ownership culture was principled and the portfolio was enviable – so the holding company needed an identity that flaunted those flavors.

Fusionfarm Case Study - Folience - Brand Platform

The Answer

Brands need belief systems and BrainWorks is our method. This belief system is what informs the brand identity. Then, the Brand Platform commits that identity to record, ensuring that all expressions of the brand align with the Brand Promise, Brand Position, Tenets, Brand Voice and Brand Archetype.

Brands are built on words and action, but names are necessary, too. Folience is sonically elegant, derived from multiple Latin roots to communicate the collective strength of strategic acquisitions. The logo depicts the veins of a leaf to represent the brands that are Folience’s lifeblood and the tagline – Invest in Different. – expresses Folience’s commitment to 100% ESOP owned companies.

The modular design of, featuring an elemental palette and snappy copy, is simply unlike anything else in the space. It challenges the perception of holding company investment strategies to position Folience as exceptional.

Fusionfarm - Case Study - Folience Logo

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