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CASE STUDY // The Heisman Trophy Trust

The Heisman isn’t some cheap participation trophy given to just anybody, each winner has a story and The Heisman Trophy Trust helps tell it. Wanting to up their own game by becoming the end-all-be-all of any Heisman-related pursuits with a new, content-rich website – they decided to let us, ahem, tackle it.

Client + Agency

The Heisman Trophy Trust + Fusionfarm

Fusionfarm Role

Website Design and Development



The Ask

We don’t just love the players for their talent, we love their backstories, we love them for fighting through adversity and still managing to come out on top. With heavy online competition, The Heisman needed to break through some fairly heavy white noise to become the #1 destination for Heisman searches and resources. So, they’ll need to be more than just a bunch of stats and scores to be memorable and keep people interested.

The Answer

Content – great. But context is what makes content come alive, inspiring a journey. With a pop-culturally aware visual vocabulary, the new Heisman website delivers stories with the same visceral kick of watching a great game.

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