Party at the Park

CASE STUDY // Cedar Rapids Kernels

Moms can’t get a text back, midterm exams sit on empty desks … and there’s a mountain of trash bags that smells like a decaying corpse. But if you’re talking pizza? College kids will swarm like gnats around, well, one of those trash bags.

So, when those pizza-hungry parasites weren’t coming out for Kernels games on Little Caesars College Night, we were like hmm.

mashup of kernals video selfie, drinks and laptop video

Client + Agency

Cedar Rapids Kernels + Fusionfarm

Fusionfarm Role

Design, Branding


Print, Digital, Responsive Web

The Ask

The Cedar Rapids Kernels called us up to juice attendance for Little Caesars College Night, and we knew exactly what bait would get those college kids to take a bite at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

The Answer

Our storytelling transformed the promotion into a Party at the Park. We took to Facebook with a video that looked like Instagram, in motion. It said, hey, baseball ain’t for old folks. The Kernels aren’t flip phones on the field. The ballpark architecture is perfect for selfies. Beer! Pizza!!

Because you’ve gotta get butts in the seats before the long ball can get ‘em on their feet. And these days you couldn’t hear a hungry stomach growl over the roar of the crowd when the ball leaves the yard.

  • 300% increase in ticket sales
  • Davey Award winner
  • Emmy nominated
party at the park video on laptop


Baseball metaphors are too easy, so we’re not going to say we hit it out of the park. But, like, that’s what we did.

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