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Collins Community Credit Union

Credit Union Campaign Pays off with Award Winning Videos

Collins Community Credit Union is an established financial entity and good community partner. They were looking for a way to target millennials, capturing them at the beginning of their financial lifespan thereby gaining lifelong customers, and a broadcast video campaign seemed like the best answer.

Opening Accounts with a Younger Audience

In order to message millennials in a compelling way we researched the target demographic, finding that millennials were raised on technology and heavily influenced by pop culture trends. They can spot a counterfeit sales pitch from a mile away. We had to come up with a sincere, entertaining video marketing campaign that would hold their interest and compel them to act.

No Counterfeit Emotions Allowed

Knowing we had four different services to promote, we decided to break the campaign into four 30-second broadcast spots that would serve as evocative music videos. We found talent who fit our target demographic and filmed them doing a variety of fun and authentic activities to create enticing video content. We obtained a song by up-and-coming Indie band Air Traffic Controller to be the emotional backbone to our mini-movies and tie the video campaign and brand together in a genuine way.

An Emmy Award Winning Video Campaign

Originally scheduled for a year-long run, this campaign is now in its second successful year and received a 2014 Upper Midwest Emmy nomination.