As Pretty as a Peach

CASE STUDY // Walton Gas

So… gas companies… what are your thoughts? Come on, be honest. Boring? Frustrating?

Utility companies = utility bills. Most sane people would prefer to shell out their hard earned clams towards the latest iPhone or, idk, feed their kids. But you love those hot showers every morning, right? Right.

Fusionfarm Case Study | Walton Gas

Client + Agency

Walton Gas + Fusionfarm

Fusionfarm Role

Website, Interactive Game


Web, Mobile

The Ask

Headquartered in the Atlanta, GA area, Walton Gas needed a way to keep their company top-of-mind and build brand affinity with potential customers.

Fusionfarm Case Study - Pick The Peach

The Answer

Have you ever wondered what it’d like to pick a fresh peach from a tree while frolicking in the pastoral Georgia countryside? If you haven’t, we can’t help you there.

BUT we can simulate the experience. PLUS, now get this, instead of risking getting an icky, mealy peach from uncle so-and-so’s backyard you can win actual prizes!

We ideated, designed, developed and managed a responsive, interactive online gaming experience called “Pick the Peach.” Think of it as an animated scratch off game, except you don’t have to walk into a sketchy gas station in order to play. Besides, who needs fruit when you can win some of the latest tech gear instead?

Physical engagement and prizes create memorable experiences. And that’s brand recall, obvi.

May the odds ever be in your favor.

The Numbers:

  • 113,875 page views
  • 25,126 unique visitors
  • 478 average page visits per day
  • 1,471 individual prizes awarded
Fusionfarm Case Study - Pick The Peach
Fusionfarm Case Study - Pick The Peach

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