Fusionfarm: The PowerPoint of Doom

Battle the ancient evil of PowerPoint and save the agency!

Fusionfarm is the last bastion of Brand Love. The mighty agency possesses the wisdom and proprietary wizardry necessary to revitalize the customer-brand relationship. But after lying dormant for many millennia, the PowerPoint of Doom awakened to ravage and annihilate all that is good in advertising!

Explore mystical spaces and contemporary architecture to solve the mysterious disappearance of Michael the Creative Director. Will the whereabouts of Michael shed light on the darkness cast over the agency?

Enter the wondrous world of Fusionfarm! Solve puzzles and discover shiny things! Prepare to face the PowerPoint of Doom!

Your mission — restore Brand Love to the land!

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iPhones didn't exist when the Nintendo Entertainment System was released in 1983. So, you're gonna have to play Fusionfarm: The PowerPoint of Doom on your desktop or laptop or whatever.

Yeah, those totally existed in 1983.

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